Saturday, March 27, 2010

Back in the saddle

It's been a while but Ikkou and Deserae Krane are back in action. Since Ikkou has left CVA a month or two ago, he's joined ZAF, Zenith Affinity. These ZAF guys are a crazy bunch I tell ya. They've been very supportive and I thank them for their tactics and advice. Deserae Krane is also in ZAF, although she's still in highsec but we'll talk more about her in her own posts.

He's lost a stealth bomber. That's right, a stealth bomber. How? well I basicly jumped through a gate, found a dictor, cloaked up and flew towards the edge of the bubble and thought "haha! he'll never catch me in wtffbbqqpwnmobile!"... until he microwarp drived past me. That's when he decloaked and blew me up. That was during the Gemanite invasion, hard fought if I do say so myself. Since then, I've begun to train a bit of Gallente skills. See, as a Caldari Pilot I have to admit that my pvp options are quite limited. As such, I've turned to blasters. It's like a punch to the face.

My new ship is named the "U.S.S. Sasha", but she's a remake. Sasha is a thorax which I lost during the Gemanite invasion while attacking 2 carriers and a mother ship that attacked and killed a friendly jump freighter at a friendly POS that me and my buddy were sitting at, waiting for something to attack... and we got it. A battle soon raged and the capital ships were nothing but huge metal husks by the end of the battle, but at the cost of Sasha's life. After that, the Gemanite invasion was pulled back and we set our sights on Pure Blind. Ikkou and a Scorpion Battleship soon followed with little pvp success. As such, the Pure Blind invasion was retracted and some Sov was transfered to Zaf in Tribute. I then proceeded to rat until I got the money to revive Sasha and she... is... glorious. She was revived with breast implants(a rather small one though) and t2 ammo for extra cleavage. She's got Small T2 blasters, which work perfectly fine on the thing, and Void S ammo. Priceless to see the look on a would be jaguar or close range frigate expecting medium guns.

With Ikkou and Des back in the saddle, expect more posts from me.

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