Friday, December 25, 2009

Arbitrator, Osprey and a kick to the head

So here we are, waiting for our war dec to go through. What does a bored noob griefer corp do in such a situation? turn to Low sec.

So we decided to run our first Corporation Op. tonight. It was more of a practice run to get used to our FC's command style and to break in a new player into PVP (my gf).

We decided to check in a dead end low sec. system in Amarr, our frig only gang with two rifters (one of them belonging to me), a tristan, a Merlin and an Amarr Navy Slicer was guaranteed to tear apart ANY cruiser. However, things started out badly.

Immediately after we reach the other side of the gate, we encounter a gate camp, 2 battlecruisers. Not good.

We warped to stations while our FC in his Amarr Navy Slicer checked the belt. Nothing interesting in this system so we decided to head over to another system.

Several jumps out, we reach our new system, a system called Teshkat. Still nothing!

Two jumps into deeper low sec. however, and we found our PVP fix.

We went into a system called... nas-something, I don't know. CCP has a great way to name systems, just pick out random letters. We employed a shotgun belt scouting tactic, everyone was assigned a belt and would check the asteroid belt. Thus, we split up.

One of our fleet mates reported nothing, and yet another reported nothing. Seemed as though our luck was still on a shit streak until I reached my belt... An Arbitrator with drones surrounding it. Perfect!

While I closed in on it our FC reported the presence of an Orca, a hulk and an Osprey, not something we'd want to take on yet...

I closed in on it, engaged my tackling equipment and fired, the Arbitrator pilot didn't even react! It was time to bring in the wolf pack. My FC and my partner closed in and attacked as well. By the time the others had shown up, The ship was wrecked and the pod was escaping. Nothing really good in the cargo-hold.

Good Fight.

Soon after we proceeded to a safe spot,our GCC was glaring red. Our FC got off for the night and thus we kept waiting it out until my partner started talking about destroying the Osprey defended by the Tengu. We were skeptical about it calling him crazy until he offered us 5 million Isk each to attack the thing. "The guys on EVE radio gave me 20 mill to attack the thing so lets do it!" he said into our vent channel.

"eh, I've got nothing to lose"... It's nice to say that in a rifter.

We warped in on top of them, attacked the Osprey and then a Vengeance uncloaked and attacked my partner. Our auto-cannons and blasters kept wrecking the thing, till it went pop!

The escape wasn't so graceful though... My rifter got blown up, my partner's merlin went sploosh and another corp mate lost his Tristan. The only surviving Corp ship was my Girl Friend's rifter, which she managed nicely. So there we sat in our Safe Spot, the last rifter on watch, as we waited for our GCC to go down. Not much we could do right?

Atleast we gave that Osprey pilot and the Arbitrator pilot a good kick to the head.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Kommunist Miner

So today there's not much to do. I'm waiting for my partner to get online in xbox live or EVE (probably the first option). But I just gained 2 million Isk in under ten minutes by doing nothing.

I decided to mine for a bit (the mining market in my current solar system is quite lucrative) and while I was mining, I noticed a guy jet can mining Azure Plagiocase. Check his info and find out that he's in an NPC corp, the perfect target, no reinforcements to help him.

I went back to station, grabbed my PVP drake and flew it to his location, sure enough he was still there. I wanted to blow him up so I went over to his jet can and stole as much ore as I could. He didn't respond.

So I decided not to waste my time taking ore in my drake at small quantities so I grabbed my retriever and stole from his can again, no attack.

At this point I was at an impass and I was speaking to my partner on MSN where he then suggests to grab all his ore and place it in a jet can of my own. The perfect plan so I grab my drake a go back there, jettisoning a missile to create the can and then transferring all of the ore to that can. I bought a Badger, a transportation ship, and dragged the can away from the miner with a tractor beam.

Easy pickings.

I went to the station, got my badger, went back there and did about 3 trips in total. I sold all of the plagiocase and earned myself a cool 2 million Isk.

I left the guy a message, a "Evil Kommunist", asking him if he had anymore left. Obviously I just wanted to add insult to injury.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

First Day, First Log

Hi, my name is Jom and I've created this blog to keep track of my EVE "adventures". Some will be exciting! Others may be very well boring. All I know is that Ikkou's adventures will be logged in here whenever possible.

Last week, the impossible happened. Ikkou's partner scanned down a Nighthawk, A caldari Command Ship. Lone, his partner, asked him if they should attempt to shoot it down. After all, these Command Ships have amazing damage absorbing abilities. I responded with a "Let's go for it" and so we launched our attack. Ikkou was in a Blackbird, a cruiser with jamming capabilities which Ikkou calls the U.S.S. Aegis. Lone was controlling two accounts, 1 with a Minmatar Hurricane and another with a scouting ship called a Buzzard. We warped in ontop of the ship and to our surprise, he wasn't firing at the NPC's that were shooting him.

The Nighthawk was at a complex, an NPC pirate base. Ikkou targeted the thing with this simple phrase in mind: "Locked, Jammed and Fucked". The damned thing wasn't even shooting back it was just sitting there taking all the hits. Someone fell asleep at the helm. Lone had to take one of his alts and pick up a Stealth bomber to finish the thing off. We didn't even think we would get to break the tank on it.

But we did.

Triumphant, we returned to our home system and checked out what we looted from the wreck. The real prize was a "Caldari Navy Ballistics Control System".100 Million Isk in just one item, evenly split between me and my partner.


Our luck is amazing.