Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Kommunist Miner

So today there's not much to do. I'm waiting for my partner to get online in xbox live or EVE (probably the first option). But I just gained 2 million Isk in under ten minutes by doing nothing.

I decided to mine for a bit (the mining market in my current solar system is quite lucrative) and while I was mining, I noticed a guy jet can mining Azure Plagiocase. Check his info and find out that he's in an NPC corp, the perfect target, no reinforcements to help him.

I went back to station, grabbed my PVP drake and flew it to his location, sure enough he was still there. I wanted to blow him up so I went over to his jet can and stole as much ore as I could. He didn't respond.

So I decided not to waste my time taking ore in my drake at small quantities so I grabbed my retriever and stole from his can again, no attack.

At this point I was at an impass and I was speaking to my partner on MSN where he then suggests to grab all his ore and place it in a jet can of my own. The perfect plan so I grab my drake a go back there, jettisoning a missile to create the can and then transferring all of the ore to that can. I bought a Badger, a transportation ship, and dragged the can away from the miner with a tractor beam.

Easy pickings.

I went to the station, got my badger, went back there and did about 3 trips in total. I sold all of the plagiocase and earned myself a cool 2 million Isk.

I left the guy a message, a "Evil Kommunist", asking him if he had anymore left. Obviously I just wanted to add insult to injury.

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