Saturday, December 19, 2009

First Day, First Log

Hi, my name is Jom and I've created this blog to keep track of my EVE "adventures". Some will be exciting! Others may be very well boring. All I know is that Ikkou's adventures will be logged in here whenever possible.

Last week, the impossible happened. Ikkou's partner scanned down a Nighthawk, A caldari Command Ship. Lone, his partner, asked him if they should attempt to shoot it down. After all, these Command Ships have amazing damage absorbing abilities. I responded with a "Let's go for it" and so we launched our attack. Ikkou was in a Blackbird, a cruiser with jamming capabilities which Ikkou calls the U.S.S. Aegis. Lone was controlling two accounts, 1 with a Minmatar Hurricane and another with a scouting ship called a Buzzard. We warped in ontop of the ship and to our surprise, he wasn't firing at the NPC's that were shooting him.

The Nighthawk was at a complex, an NPC pirate base. Ikkou targeted the thing with this simple phrase in mind: "Locked, Jammed and Fucked". The damned thing wasn't even shooting back it was just sitting there taking all the hits. Someone fell asleep at the helm. Lone had to take one of his alts and pick up a Stealth bomber to finish the thing off. We didn't even think we would get to break the tank on it.

But we did.

Triumphant, we returned to our home system and checked out what we looted from the wreck. The real prize was a "Caldari Navy Ballistics Control System".100 Million Isk in just one item, evenly split between me and my partner.


Our luck is amazing.

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